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My Son's Women

My Son’s Women (2018)

NC-17Genre: Erotic, Film Semi
Quality: Year: Duration: 61 MinView: 61,877 views
12 votes, average 7.0 out of 10

Hitoshi is living in Ehime because of his job. He will go to Tokyo’s father’s house with his girlfriend, Sana, who met at Ehime for the holidays.

Toichi and Yoko who welcome two people. Hitoshi is asking about his brother Yoko, who died. Yoko thinks that he is doing good father’s good fortune, and Hitoshi does not know the detailed situation either.

After a few days, Hitoshi goes out and makes Sana, who is not in good health, to go out. When he wakes up, he gets to the living room to drink water and watch the affairs of Toichi and Yoko.

The man who is excited about the sex of two people can not control the emotions and masturbates, and after not being able to bear the desire not to be solved afterwards, he visits the room of Toiichi that night and makes a favor …

Tagline:The girls who are attracted to the charming boyfriend’s father, give a touch of temptation …