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Jing Ling Xiao Hua (2016)

Jing Ling Xiao Hua (2016)

Quality: Year: View: 48,249 views

A tension on the diarrhea students Bin Shen (baby), because sugar daddy suspected ex-girlfriend and roommate looking track fat ex-girlfriend, ex-girlfriend is paranoid because wealthy stress in their own hero to the rescue of the moment, suddenly appeared wealthy let ex-girlfriend pushed him down from the windows of the hotel. Shen Bin, just upside down and fell in front of a school beauty Lina Morning, Lina thought satyr struck, severely hides his foot Shen Bin, Shen Bin flow out in a nosebleed just drop earrings do not know when that appears above, earrings issued penetrated laughter, is Lingling Ling Shen Bin because the blood is awakened, began Shen Bin and his classmates deserted campus.


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